Common errors when registering for Adsense and successful solutions for beginners in MMO.

Currently, most people make money online from Google Adsense advertising, but the most common problem is that their website is rejected by Google, not meeting the requirements to participate in the money-making program. Here, I will share my years of experience in making money online with Google Adsene

Where are the most common errors in registering for Google AdSense, that is, copied content, content without value, or low value. So when you want to do MMO, you have to put in the gray matter and time to build a quality website when registering with Google AdSense is not rejected.

In this article, Top Search would like to guide you on how to successfully register for Google AdSense when encountering common errors, for beginners to earn money from Google AdSense.

Common errors when registering to earn money from Google AdSense.

But you already know that Google AdSense is the top money-making network when you choose it for your website or YouTube, which is considered the largest network globally. If you have a website with Unique Content – 90% approval rate for ads. But you need to note the following things for Google AdSense to approve faster.

  • Step 1: Content needs to be Unique > 80% (after checking all is okay, proceed to step 2). The number of articles on the website should be around 50, it can be higher because currently Google AdSense requires at least 5 articles per directory.
  • Step 2: You create Google Analytics, note that it is best if your email matches the email for Google AdSense to receive traffic quickly from your website.
  • Step 3: In this step, you drive traffic to your website. Remember that the traffic must be clean and have interaction with the website to keep visitors engaged for longer, in order to establish credibility with Google (note that you should drive Direct or Referral traffic – avoid driving traffic from Facebook).
  • Step 4: You pull for about 3 to 4 days, then about a few thousand traffic, try to code Google in) high approval rate.

Note that this is my practical experience, you guys can give it a try.

1.1. When you encounter a low-value content error message from Google.

This is considered the most common error as well as anyone who is new to MMO must encounter it, but don’t worry when you encounter this error, it is because your website has too few articles accompanying it, and those articles do not bring value to the readers. You can reread the instructions to avoid receiving emails from Google reporting on articles without value. (Small note…wait for the articles to be indexed on Google a little bit, in general, about 80 to 90% of the articles on your website).

  • To fix it when you receive an email, you should edit your article if it is too short. You should review and rewrite the content to make it more polished. Then, write additional articles for Google to index. Wait for about 10 days and resend it. I find this method to be the most effective.


Common errors when registering for Adsense and successful solutions for beginners in MMO.

1.2. Error Duplicate Google AdSense Account Notification.

With the regulations of Google AdSense, each person is only allowed to have one account. If you encounter a case of duplicate Google AdSense accounts, you should find the email to cancel the registration and then register with the existing account. If you forget the old email account, in my opinion, you should create a completely new account and then re-register (if you have a better way, please comment below).

1.3. Your account has been flagged for violating our policies.

This error usually has 2 cases, see which case you fall into.
  • When you receive the notification, your account has been disabled before, called (ad limit – Google temporarily suspends advertising your account) if you say this account you just registered for the first time this website, then I said the reason is your account has been before or you bought it from someone else (after registering, Google scanned it).
  • Case 2 is when your website contains prohibited language by Google, you can refer to Google’s policy on prohibited words. This can be easily resolved by understanding Google’s policies and general regulations, and then addressing these errors.

2. Content and how to fix adsense registration errors.

When you receive a notification email from Google Adsense rejecting your website, stay calm and check the overall status of your website to see if it meets Google’s requirements and policies. Here are some experiences to troubleshoot my Adsense errors that you can refer to.

  • Monday: You change the interface you are using to a different interface so that your website runs faster and the articles are clearer.
  • Tuesday: You check to see if there is complete content, menu bar, website header, footer, contact, and website policies… terms.

Write about 15 to 35 more articles, noting that the articles must be written by yourself and not copied from any other website. If you don’t have any ideas, you can take inspiration from others and rewrite the content in your own words. Use a tool to check if any website has copied your content. I usually use this tool to check my content (check plagiarism). Here is an illustration.
[hf_form slug=”video”]

You should choose a specific field topic and then search for keywords using free tools available today such as Google Ads. If your website is lucky enough to be approved, but it doesn’t have any traffic, then you won’t have any revenue, so it’s better to abandon it. (Note: You should not submit a website that has not yet completed its content).

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