Guide to fix the problem of missing Wi-Fi driver on computer, laptop (2)

Guide to fix the problem of missing Wi-Fi driver on computer, laptop

Hello today top search wants to share instructions on how to fix common errors on computers and laptops, such as missing or no wifi driver….

Losing the Wi-Fi Driver on a laptop will cause users to encounter one annoyance after another, as they are unable to connect to the Internet smoothly and stably as usual.

Laptops encountering issues with Wi-Fi is one of the most common frustrating problems that occur on this device. No matter how high-end or expensive your laptop is, whether it has an outdated or the latest operating system, you may still be at risk of experiencing the situation where the laptop loses its Wi-Fi Driver, causing a lot of frustration.

Guide to fix the problem of missing Wi-Fi driver on computer, laptop (2)
Laptop missing Wi-Fi Driver is a serious issue.

To avoid being bothered by this issue for too long and causing disruptions to your work and studies, you can refer to the specific ways to fix a laptop’s missing Wi-Fi Driver as instructed by FASTCARE below.

Laptop loses Wi-Fi Driver, what are the accompanying symptoms?

  • With the Wi-Fi Driver loss error on the laptop, you usually have to face the following troubles:
  • Laptop loses Wi-Fi icon. At this time, the familiar Wi-Fi option on the taskbar has “vanished into thin air”.
  • Laptop displays the globe network icon Win 10 or the Driver is marked with an exclamation mark. This means that you have not successfully connected to Wi-Fi on your machine.
  • If the Adapter disappears. At this time, you cannot connect to Wi-Fi and cannot find the Wi-Fi Adapter in the Device Manager of the computer.
  • The laptop continuously loses Wi-Fi connection. The laptop can connect to Wi-Fi but cannot access the Internet. These are also common signs of the laptop losing the familiar Wi-Fi Driver.

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What should you do when your laptop loses its Wifi Driver?

Are you struggling with a laptop that has lost its Wi-Fi Driver? In that case, reinstalling the Wi-Fi Driver for your laptop is the most effective trick that you should apply to your beloved device.
Firstly, make sure that the old Wi-Fi Driver on your machine has completely disappeared. Because if the old Wi-Fi Driver still exists, you cannot install a new Wifi Driver for the machine.

To perform this task, follow these steps:

► Press the Windows key + R. When the Run dialog box appears, type devmgm t.msc and press OK. The Device Manager window will appear.
► Select Network adapters => Wireless Adapter, right-click on this item, and select Uninstall Device. Then, restart your computer and you’re done. If you don’t see the Wireless Adapter option, you can skip this step.
Guide to fix the problem of missing Wi-Fi driver on computer, laptop (1)
Reinstall Wifi Driver for Laptop.
Now, you need to download Wifi Driver Win 10 64bit/32bit or Download Wifi Driver Win 7 for your laptop. Each Laptop model, each operating system will have different Wifi Drivers. Therefore, you should go to the Support section on the homepage of the laptop manufacturer you are using, or search on Google for the appropriate Wifi Driver for your laptop model.
After downloading the Wifi Driver, this file is usually in .exe format. You just need to open this file, select Yes when a window appears asking if you want to install this application. Then, tick the option “I accept the agreement” => Next.
Guide to fix the problem of missing Wi-Fi driver on computer, laptop (3)
Remove old Wifi Driver (if any).
Finally, you just need to select Install => Next => Install and wait for the laptop to install itself. When the installation is complete, remember to click Finish and restart the laptop.
In case the above trick still cannot help you fix the issue of the laptop losing Wifi Driver as desired, you should bring the machine to a reputable laptop repair center. Professional technicians will help you solve this problem quickly and efficiently, without having to spend a lot of money.
Wish you success!

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