Guide to install and update microphone driver Windows 10

Previously, microphones were not very popular, but now things have changed. In today’s era, microphones have become an important accessory. Currently, people use microphones to connect with friends, record audio, voice recognition, etc…

Currently, most laptops have built-in microphone support, so there is no need to connect additional external microphone devices. However, many users encounter microphone issues. By always updating the microphone driver, you can solve this problem.
If you are thinking about how to download the most suitable driver for your microphone, don’t worry. Refer to the following guide from, here are simple methods to update the microphone driver on Windows 10.
Method 1: Automatically update the microphone driver through Bit Driver Updater
Installing drivers requires expertise in some techniques, especially for drivers. Therefore, many users who are not familiar with technology will have difficulty installing drivers manually. To help those people, driver update programs have been created, but not all of them are worth trying.
This is an article using Driver Updater to update the latest drivers on Windows 10. Here are the benefits after you update this driver, it is completely automatic and easy to use for users. Therefore, there is no possibility of any errors during the installation process of incorrect drivers. Moreover, Driver Updater is very easy to use.
Users need to follow certain steps to update the driver through Bit Driver Updater as follows:
Step 1: First, download Bit Driver Updater.
Step 2: Next, run the program and follow the on-screen instructions to install the software.
Click on the Scan button.
Step 3: Then, click on the Scan button on the left side.
Step 4: Wait for the driver update program to scan your PC.
Click on the Update Now button.

Step 5: Now, find the driver with issues and click on the Update Now button next to it.

In addition, you can also update other outdated drivers along with the microphone driver. To do this, users need to click on the Update All button. However, to access this special feature, users need to use the full version of Bit Driver Updater.

Method 2: Download and update the microphone driver using Device Manager

If you do not want to seek help from driver update programs, you can use the built-in feature of Windows, Device Manager, to update outdated drivers. This is a very essential program designed specifically for managing Windows drivers. With this program, users can uninstall, restore, disable and enable drivers as well as update them.
Here are the steps to consider for updating the microphone driver through Device Manager:
Step 1: Press Windows + X to open Device Manager.
Step 2: When you are in the Device Manager window, go to the Sound, game, and Video controllers category and double-click to expand it.
Step 3: Then, find the audio driver with issues and right-click on it.
Step 4: Next, select the option Update Driver Software… from the quick access menu list.
Choose the option Update Driver.
Step 5: The next screen will show you two options, you need to select the first option, which is Search Automatically for Updated Driver Software.
You have downloaded the latest Windows 10 microphone driver and installed it on your PC.
Select Search Automatically for Updated Driver Software.
Important note: If the USB headset is not working properly, by updating the microphone driver, you can also solve the problem.
Method 3: Manually download the microphone driver from the manufacturer’s website
If you have enough technical knowledge and time, you can use the official website of the manufacturer to download the microphone driver. However, remember that this method takes quite a long time to find the genuine and most compatible microphone driver.

Method 4: Use Windows Update to download and install the microphone driver.

Use Windows Update to download and install micro driver.
Windows Update is another way to download drivers. It not only updates the latest version of the Windows operating system, but also installs the latest drivers and patches, including the micro driver. However, it should be noted that this method is only suitable when the driver is officially released by the manufacturer for a certain period of time.

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