Guide to install IDM 6.42 Build 11 Full Permanently 2024.

In the following section, we will provide detailed instructions on how to download and install IDM 6.42 Full 2024 software, along with the free Google Drive download link.

You may be familiar with various download managers such as Internet Orbit Downloader, download manager, Download Accelerator Plus… However, when it comes to the best and most popular download manager, Internet Download Manager, or IDM, must be mentioned. IDM is a well-known software program for storing, scheduling, and managing downloads.


A common abbreviation for Internet Download Manager is IDM. Known as a popular download manager, this program is likened to a manager for shared software downloads. The most convenient thing I find is that Internet Download Manager is always available for the Microsoft Windows operating system. Among all the download managers, Internet Download Manager is still the best for managing downloads. With what you see: weak profile, schedule, savings, and much more, what you find in Internet Download Manager will surprise you even more.

Integrated Scheduling

No need to worry anymore, Internet Download Manager now officially has the feature of quickly connecting to the Internet at a set time. It helps you download any files you want at the fastest speed. When finished, disconnect or turn off your computer. If you notice, Internet Download Manager periodically synchronizes files, and you can use this synchronization feature to synchronize changes.


With just a click, your download process will be taken over by IDM and accelerated significantly. To do this, simply click on the download link in your browser. IDM’s ability to capture the user’s download process truly fascinates me, and its acceleration capabilities keep me glued to the screen. IDM not only supports the HTTP protocol but also other protocols such as HTTPS, Basic, Kerberos IDM FTP, MMS, Negotiate, and NTLM.


Unlike other download managers, Internet Download Manager has a powerful and fast download speed acceleration support. The number speaks for itself, up to 5 times faster – this is the number that represents the download speed acceleration capability of this software tool. On the other hand, you no longer have to manually perform tasks because Internet Download Manager can schedule downloads and continue easily.
IDM is a multilingual software.
Why do we say IDM is multilingual? IDM doesn’t just support a few languages by default, it supports countless languages such as Japanese, Korean, Lithuanian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Albanian, Arabic, Azerbaijani, Chinese, Polish, Portuguese, Bulgarian, Bosnian, Italian, Persian, Uzbek, Dutch, Romanian, Spanish, Norwegian, French, Greek, Hebrew, Thai, Macedonian, German, Turkish, Hungarian, Slovenian, Serbian, and Slovak.


The interface of Internet Download Manager is characterized by an intuitive and simple user interface. It is also easy to use for beginners and user-friendly. The interface is customizable because there are different interfaces for the toolbar and certain button styles. The IDM homepage is where you can download all the interfaces. But if you are someone who likes design, IDM also allows you to design its interface for yourself.


Internet Download Manager supports various web browsers such as Apple Safari, Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Opera, Flock, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome… Whether the files are large or small, you can easily drag and drop them. Even if the downloaded files are corrupted or interrupted, Internet Download Manager can handle them.

After downloading, extract as shown below. Install additional WinRAR software for extraction if you haven’t installed it.

Open the installation file to install IDM as usual. – Select Next.


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