Guide to install Office 365 genuine license for free permanently in 2024.

Office 365 is now Microsoft 365, it is an enhanced version of regular Office and is integrated with cloud computing technology to help you work anytime, anywhere, share or work online with everyone with great flexibility. many useful features.

Office 365 can also be installed and used on both computers and smartphones on all platforms (up to 5 devices). You should buy Office 365 at authorized resellers, but in this article, I guide you to install Office 365 for free forever, please follow along. Activating the free Office 365 license is not much different from activating Office 2021 and 2019 that.

Me introduced to you in the previous article. We all use Key Management Service; this is a completely legal tool and authorized by Microsoft. To simplify the activation of office 365, there are many cmd and bat files that allow you to automatically activate the license without having to type each command line. In the article below, I will share with you the download link for these tools as well as instructions for activating the office 365 online key permanently for free.

Microsoft, in addition to traditional office suites such as Office 2021, Office 2019, Office 2016,… also develops another version of Office called Office 365. So what is the difference between traditional office suites like Office What is 2019 and Office 365? Instead of spending a huge amount of money to buy an Office 2019 key and use it forever, on Office 365 you will be able to rent a key to use on a monthly basis. This can help users easily buy Office 365 licenses.

Saying so so you can distinguish the difference between the two versions, but in the previous article I shared with you how to activate the office 2019 license permanently for free. And in this article, we will continue to activate office 365 online permanently.

Step 2: Download Office 365

Method 1: Download the Office 365 Offline Installer file

You can download it at: Link 1(HomePremium) or Link 2 (ProPlus).

To install, you just need to double-click the *.img file and then run the setup.exe file and the process will happen automatically, you just have to sit and wait. If you do not want to install all of Office 365 but only some software, you should read this article.

You download the Office Installer. Then open Office Installer+.exe (note that there is a plus sign at the end).
You must turn off Windows Defender or antivirus software before extracting.
You guys go to the Installing Office section, choose the options as shown in the picture below. And click Install to proceed with the automatic installation. You just need to wait for it to install.

After installation, press the Close button to complete the Office 365 installation.

Step 3: Activate Office 365
You use the Microsoft Activation Scripts (MAS) version 2.5 tool to activate Office 365 (Link).

Press number [2] Hook.
Press number 1.

When it displays the green text line: Office is permanently activated, it means success.

Open Office (open any software you have installed, such as Word, PowerPoint…) to check if it has been successfully activated. By clicking on the Account section, if you see something like the image below, it’s okay (at first, click Accept > Close).

So it’s done, guys. Do you find it simple? Wish you success.

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