Instructions for downloading the free full-featured OBS Studio software in 2024.

In recent years, the practice of live streaming on various online platforms has been growing rapidly, while these platforms are becoming increasingly diverse, such as FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE, etc. The updates from these websites are becoming more widespread and targeting a more diverse range of buyers.

And now, Facebook and YouTube also allow users to live stream on their platforms using dedicated. These social networking sites have truly oriented towards buyers by popularizing their platforms, not just for smartphones as before.

So to be able to live stream on platforms or stream a certain game like professional streamers, what do you need to do? What kind of equipment do you need and what do you need to do to have a complete streaming setup?

How to Livestream Facebook using the latest OBS Studio.

After completing the download of OBS Studio Full Crack 2021 or downloading OBS Studio 64 bit from the links above, we proceed to install OBS Studio Download Full Crack as follows:
Step 1: After download, simply run the .exe file to proceed with the software installation.

Everyone just needs to press Next > select the location to save C: > Next.

Step 2: Here you just leave it as default and click Install. After waiting for about 20-30 minutes, the installation process will be successful.

Step 3: You just need to run and use OBS Studio software.


Once you have completed the steps to download and install the obs studio full 64bit software, we will proceed to the OBS software. We will be presented with a license to read before using the software. Just press OK (I bet 96.69% of you will never read this line).

Next, you will bring the latest update for the software. So you just update to the latest version as required by the provider to benefit from the range of bug fixes. The latest update is OBS 24.

After finishing all the tasks of updating the latest version of OSB, you will access a user interface as shown in the image below. To proceed with setting up OBS studio full 2024 configuration, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to File > Settings. Then you will access the main editing interface of the software.

Step 2: We will proceed to adjust the Stream tab. And we will skip the General section.

Here, when you click, you will be defaulted to Service as Twitch. Please select Custom to be able to choose the Stream Server and Stream Key according to your purpose.

In this Stream section, it depends on which Stream you are in. I will give an example of Facebook.

You go to your personal page and go to the live video.

Step 3: Next, we move on to the Output section.

In this section, the default Output Mode is simple. You switch to Advanced mode.

Here we will only mention the Stream part. The remaining parts like Recording and audio, Replay Buffer, we will leave them as default.

– For the Encoding part, we will use x264 and check the Enforce streaming service encoder settings.

– Check the Rescale output and set the resolution to 720P (1280×720).

– You can control the quality

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The rest will be left by default.

Step 4: Go to the Video section
– The Base (canvas) Resolution should be set to the default 1920×1080.
– The Output (Scaled) Resolution should be set to 1280×720 (for streaming in 720P on Facebook).
– Set the Downscale Filter to Bilinear.
– And for the FPS value, set it to 59.94. Remember, 59.94! Don’t set it to 60FPS, as it may cause stuttering during streaming.

Step 5: After completing everything. You just need to press Apply > OK. Most of your settings will be saved quickly.

Download and install obs to enjoy live streaming.

In this section, you will be default as Scene. You can change this Scene to the name you want.

Next to it is the Sources section, you right-click > select Add, you will have the items as shown in the image.
I will guide you through the main settings of OBS Studio crack download so that you can fully live stream your favorite games with the most basic secret. The items you need to have in your Sources section are:
– Display Capture: Its task is to stream your desktop screen. You can conveniently zoom in and out of it.
Game Capture: Its mission is to stream the game screen you are playing in Full screen mode.
Image: You can set your Avatar image or the password of a custom room so that viewers can interact and play with you in the most convenient way. Choose the path to the image you want to display on the stream and press OK.
Video Capture Device: Its mission will be to recognize my webcam. Inside this interface, we can completely customize it according to our preferences.
Here I am using the Logitech C922 Webcam. You just need to set it up as shown in the picture to get the best webcam quality.
In addition, you can also set the FPS to 29.97 NTSC. This quality is for non-professional webcams for streaming.
Successful obs setup interface.
OK, we have completed 100% of the settings in OBS so that everyone can easily live stream on Facebook or YouTube with the simplest method.
And finally, here is the interface after completing 100% of the settings for OBS.
Now you can fully stream the games that you love. Good luck to all of you.

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