Setting up VAST advertising (url) with Google GAM – network.

Hello everyone today I will guide you on setting up VAST url google GAM and other network.If you register to earn money from videos through networks like Google AdSense or MCM, but don’t know how to place the Video URL on your website to earn money, then this is a useful article for you.

How do you determine the VAST and VPAID video formats?

Recognize VAST url
– It is a form of a link, but basically, displaying ads in VAST videos is an XML template, meaning it is just a command that we provide to the video player to display ads.

-This is a common template used by all creative companies to embed click tracking, other event tracking, and video in browsers. The latest version of VAST is 2.0, 3.0… which can be found on the IAB website.

To determine VPAID, if we open a large URL in the browser, VPAID is layered on top of VAST and can be identified by finding this term.

“ type =” application/x-shockwave-flash “ apiFramework =” VPAID “ >

There are two types of VPAID:

  • VPAID Flash

If you want to understand more, please comment to let us know so that we can serve you in the next article.

When you receive a VAST URL from a network or create a URL link on Google MCM that you are unsure if it is working or not, you can visit the following link to check it.

Here I will guide you on how to earn advertising money from Google MCM similar.

You create an account to make money on, then you add your website after earning money, then you create Zones -> video – VAST for Google Ad Manager, Google Interactive Media Ads (IMA) SDK.

Create advertising code on

First, you go to the Google website to check the URL link of the video.

You copy this code and paste it into the website to check if it works or not.

The first step is to enter like this image.

  • Copy the video VAST URL link into Input type: select -> VAST tag (Sample), then click on Test Ad. You follow the instructions below.


After you test the Ad, the advertisement appears on the image and disappears after 15s or 30s depending on the advertisement calling back to your website.

  • note : If you test without displaying ads, you can move on to step 2 – Video Slider, this video is pre-set for you.

We start by setting up our video to upload on our website, okay?
– You can choose one of the following two ways to set it up.

  1. This method is the simplest. ( You access )

Player Builder -> Controls – > You follow as shown in the picture. 

follow step 1 according to the picture
follow step 1 according to the picture
follow step 2 according to the picture
follow step 2 according to the picture

After completing step 2, scroll down to the end of the month and copy this code and paste it into a new article where you want to display ads or you can download the ad inserter plugin.

You select the article and then you select the test html tag – paste the code into it.

You fix the video -mp4 to your video link..

Where did you get the link?
First, you go to Media – then upload the video, then click on the video, a window like the picture will appear – Copy url to clipboard – then go to step 3

You make that link according to the image. After you have completed the steps above, save the article and reopen it to see if it is displayed correctly.

advertisements have been displayed in the video.
advertisements have been displayed in the video.

So it’s done .. but if the video format is too small, you can adjust it as follows .. you go to the article section to edit, you switch to the Visual tag and then switch back to the test tag – at this point you will see <video id="video-id" width="300" height="150">.

You edit according to the image.
You edit according to the image.

You change width=”300″ to 500, in this part you change height=”150″> to 450. You can also customize it according to your preference.

So it has been successful.


This is the part of the article where I guide you to understand VAST URL and VPAID video. This is part 1 where I guide you on VAST for networks to make money from videos. You can be creative to earn passive income. After this part, I will guide you in a way that is also suitable and compatible for Google Ads MCM.

Author: Tony Nguyen.

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