Share wordpress theme for selling electronic components with SEO optimization in 2024.

Hello guys, I am Topseach. Today, I would like to share a WordPress theme for online selling that is SEO optimized.


Step 1: Install the All In One WP Migration Plugin. There are many ways to back up, but in this article, I will guide you on this plugin.

  • then you go to ad news and search for plugin -> All In One WP Migration. Here I have already installed it so you don’t need to install it again, just follow the instructions below.


Step 2: Then you open the plugin and follow these steps: Import the Backup File into the new website.

To import the website data, you need to have a completely blank, new WordPress website with only the All In One WP Migration plugin installed.
You access the plugin => select Import => Import from => File and choose the *.wpress file that you previously saved.
Start the process of uploading the file to the website. You download it and then upload it to your own website and wait for a while.
  • Then you will receive a notification, confirming whether you want to overwrite the existing data or not. Press Continue to complete the data entry process.
  • After a while, you will receive a notification that your input has been successfully entered. Press Complete and proceed to access the website and check again.

You can download WordPress themes here.

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