Windows X-Lite Optimum 11 24H2 Pro by topseach runs the computer 10 times faster.

Windows X-Lite is a custom build of Windows 11 by topseach. This version aims for a lightweight, smooth experience, suitable for low-spec computers or gaming laptops – for game enthusiasts.

High compatibility:

Meets requirements for TPM, Secure Boot, RAM, CPU, and storage.
Skips the requirement to create a Microsoft account during installation.
Performs well on all computers (PC and Laptop), old or new, low or high configuration.
Version information:
Author: @topseach
Windows 11 24H2 Build 26100.2
ISO file size: 2.29 GB
Installation size: 4.05 GB
Language: English (en-US).

Special features

  1. Optimized from the ground up: Lightweight and optimized performance right from installation.
  2. Full support: Automatic updates, UWP apps, Xbox, Microsoft Store,…
  3. Pre-activated Virtual Memory.
  4. Automatic updates paused until the year 3000.

Integrated Intel RST driver.

  1. Customizable transparent interface for File Explorer (optional).
  2. Superior performance for apps and games.
  3. Compatible with multiple languages (Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, …), Speech, Voice, …
  4. Full support for optional features like WSA and WSL2.
  5. Activate rounded corner effects, Acrylic, and Mica (even on virtual machines).
  6. Automatic updates can still be paused for up to 10 years after re-enabling.
  7. No pre-installed UWP apps, includes Microsoft Store installer.

Features removed

Microsoft Edge, Smart Screen, UWP apps, Webview & Widgets

Features disabled

  • Windows Defender, BitLocker, Error Reporting, Indexing, UAC, Ads, Telemetry, Hibernation, Power Throttling.
    Watch a video comparing the resource usage of this Windows X-Lite version with the regular Windows 11 24H2 version.

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